Body Temperature of 96: Should I Worry?

Posted: Jan 10, 2020

If you have a body temperature of 96, you don’t necessarily need to worry.
Although low body temperature is associated with several health risks, in some cases, a temperature of 96 is a normal fluctuation of the body’s temperature.
Here, we will discuss the average human body temperature, normal reasons you may have a body temperature of 96, and concerning reasons for a 96-degree body temperature.

The Average Human Body Temperature

When in good health, the human body’s normal temperature is typically between 97 to 99 degrees. If your body temperature is above 100, you may have a fever caused by a virus or bacterial infection. If your body temperature is below 97 to 99 degrees, there are a few explanations.

Normal Reasons You Have a Low Body Temperature of 96

As we mentioned, the body’s temperature fluctuates throughout the day.

Here are a few reasons you have a temperature of 96 that are no cause for worry:

  1. You have a naturally lower body temperature;
  2. You just had a cold food or drink;
  3. Your thermometer isn’t functioning properly;
  4. You took your temperature incorrectly by having your mouth open or the thermometer not resting beneath your tongue; or
  5. You took your temperature in your armpit rather than your mouth.

Research indicates that a lower body temperature may be associated with age, as well.
If you resonate with any of the reasons above, you shouldn’t necessarily worry about your lower body temperature.

Concerning Reasons for Your 96 Degree Body Temperature

However, a body temperature of 96 can signal health problems. Concerning health conditions associated with a body temperature of 96 include:

  1. Low blood sugar or a lack of nutrients,
  2. Brain disease,
  3. Kidney disfunction,
  4. Hypothermia,
  5. Underactive hormonal glands,
  6. Side effects of certain medications, like beta-blockers or antipsychotics,
  7. An underactive metabolism, and
  8. Shock.

If you feel fine and are sure you’re not at risk for any of the above conditions, you likely don’t have to worry about a 96-degree body temperature.

Should I See a Doctor for My Low Body Temperature?

When in doubt, it is always the right choice to speak to your family doctor about any concerning symptoms, including a body temperature of 96. Your doctor will take an accurate temperature and explain the health conditions listed above.

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